What to see In Rwanda

The Mountain Gorillas

There are only about 740 mountain gorillas remaining in their natural habitat. These gentle giants are found in the Virunga Mountains (a chain of volcanoes with altitudinal ranges of 3500m-4507m). The oldest Park in Africa.

Presently,Rwanda not only enjoys the best security in the region but also has the easiest access routes for visiting the mountain gorillas.

Volcanoes National Park (Parc Nacional Des Volcans) - Rwanda are currently has 8 habituated gorilla families that can be visited.

1.    Sabyinyo Group - 13 members, including the biggest silverback (Guhonda) known in the entire jungle.

2.    Amahoro Group - 18members including 02 silverbacks

3.    Group 13 (RenamedAgashya Group) -25 members including 01 silverback

4.    Susa Group - Now divided into 2 groups:

a)   Susa Groupwith 30 including 3 silverbacks.

b)   KalisimbiGroup 15 including 1 silverback.

5.    Umubano Group- 13 members including 01 silverback.

6.    Hirwa Group- 16 members including 01 silverback.

7.    Kwitonda Group - 21 members including 01 silverback.