Cities in Rwanda

Kigali City

Rwanda’s geographical heart is the fast-growing city of Kigali. As well as the national capital, Kigali is also the country’s most important business centre and main port of entry.

Despite all its concessions to modernity Kigali is a garden city with a delightfully organic shape sprawled across verdant slopes. The compact, low-rise city centre surrounds a bustling, colourful market studded with souvenir stalls which enthral visitors with their vast range of lovingly-executed local crafts.

The atmospheric Muslim quarter beside the city centre is a must-see, followed by a gentle exploration of the leafy avenues that wind out of town into the surrounding residential suburbs.
Kigali is one of the safest African capitals and the friendliness that greets you will make you feel at home at once. Blessed with a comfortable, moderate, high-altitude climate that belies its tropical location, Kigali is just three hours’ drive from the main tourist attractions. It’s your comfortable, welcoming introduction to Rwanda and the springboard to our magical “land of a thousand hills”.
You’ll be fascinated by the remarkable Royal Palace at Nyanza, an enormous domed construction made entirely with traditional materials. Painstakingly restored to its 19th century glory, it is now maintained as a museum.